How Do I File A Doing Business As (DBA)?

The first time many people hear about a DBA, they are often confused or outright wonder if that is even legal. DBA stands for “Doing Business As” and gives a company the option of doing business under a chosen assumed name. The main point is to allow a business entity to do business under a name other than their own personal name or even the name of the company on the original incorporation documents. DBAs are used for many different purposes and are not only legal, they’re so common as to be one of the most inexpensive bits of legal paperwork to be filed.
Examples of a DBA
If John Doe is a local plumber having a DBA means he can accept and cash checks for “Doe Plumbing” or “Doe Water Heater Services” as opposed to just his name. Someone else might have a company that has a title like Jane Smith Catering Services, and she uses a DBA to accept payments for “Jane’s Catering” without having to completely re-do the corporate paperwork.
There are other examples that are a little bit more extreme like an author wanting to do business under a pen name, or a person who does business by a nickname as opposed to their driver’s license or birth certificate name.
Getting a DBA
A DBA is extremely easy to file for, and most often needs to be filed at the nearest courthouse for a local business. If your business is an LLC, an S-Corp, or another corporate entity where you live in one state but incorporated in say Delaware because of their active business laws, then things can get a little bit complicated as far as figuring out where exactly the DBA needs to be filed.
Generally speaking, the fee runs $75 to $150 to register it, and if you look for help from some software or an assisting attorney then their costs will need to be added on top of that. The paperwork is simple, has you clearly state the DBA to be used, and with a simple fee it is then done.
In Conclusion
Contrary to popular belief, a DBA is not considered something that is extremely shady or even all that strange in the business world. Because this type of legal paperwork is so common it is inexpensive and easy to get pushed through the filing process.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Everything You Need To Know

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Reading on a mobile device can be clunky, slow, and frustrating for many users. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way. Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP has changed the way mobile sites are viewing, and that is good news for everyone involved.

What Is Accelerated Mobile Pages?
AMP is a bare-bones version of the mobile web. It runs on AMP HTML, a reinvented version of HTML. This new HTML version has limited technical functionality and has removed elements that cause slow web page loading on mobile devices. AMP takes advantage of architectural and technical approaches that provide mobile users a quicker experience.

Also, AMP files can be cached in the cloud. That also makes the user’s experience more positive as it reduces loading time. Using the AMP format, those who produce the content are creating AMP files that third parties can cache. This format allows publishers to control the content while platforms cache it for a quicker experience.
What Are The Benefits Of AMP?
Google states that pages made with AMP HTML load much quicker than non-AMP versions. The load time has been increased anywhere from 15 percent to 85 percent. A quick loading page is crucial as users expect a page to load in just a few seconds. When times are over that, they just abandon the page.
Another benefit is that having a mobile-friendly site boosts search rankings. With new algorithms, pages that have been optimized for mobile devices score much higher than those that have not.
Also, Google has made sure that page views can be analyzed, just like regular pages. AMP sites have inbuilt native support, and you can still use partners to help you examine traffic and behavior data.
Focused ads are another benefit of AMP. Page owners can fine-tune ads with their choice of ad servers, along with offering support for many demand sources and formats and having full control over the placements of ads, and measure their views.

Does Google AMP Affect SEO?

AMP sites currently display a little green lightning bolt. That serves as a sign that the user should expect lightning quick mobile pages. That increasing CTR and relevancy so user most likely to click on it what will result high ranking.
In conclusion, the goal of Accelerated Mobile Pages is to limit technical functionality and combine that with a cache-based and streamlined distribution system. These things have been brought together to create better performing web pages and improve the user engagement on mobile phones.
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Public Corruption In Modern Day America

Public corruption is not easy and is something that can cause a serious amount of disruption. There is a clear process in place with corruption, and these practices are maintained for as long as possible. Public corruption should not get to a point where it goes out of control.
There are investigative forces who are responsible for this and make sure the cases are taken care of as needed.
So, how does the country deal with cases of public corruption in this day and age? There is a process, and it will be looked at here.

FBI Division For Fraud

The primary investigation goes through the FBI and their central agency who are responsible for this. They pour over the details and see how the case is going to be handled and whether charges will be laid. All cases have to be processed through this agency.

Police Involvement

The police are also involved in issuing warrants and charges based on what is taking place. They will work with the FBI to make sure public corruption is weeded out. The press can get involved as well in these cases, and the police will work with them to make sure everyone remains aware of what is taking place.
This is what public corruption ends up becoming.

Supreme Court

The supreme court is the one that ends up hearing these cases depending on how large they are. Some might not make it this far, but with public corruption, they will end up being pushed to this level. The more important cases will make it all the way up to the supreme court.
That vital to understand when it comes to following these cases and watching them unfold.
The best legal brains pour over these details to see what has gone wrong and if the accused is innocent.
Public corruption is a menace that haunts many nations, and even first world countries have this going on. It is all about being able to weed out those who are causing these issues and making sure they are dealt with well. Public corruption should not be allowed to fester for too long as it is only going to get worse.
That why the FBI and others make sure to remain as involved as they can be. You want to be certain about this for as long as possible and then decide to move forward. That what the FBI makes sure happens as well.

The Importance Of Press In America

The press is always front and center when it comes to America. It could be gossiping over celebrities or running important debates involving politicians. The press has a role to play, and it does it well.
Why does the press hold such importance in a nation such as America?
Why do people rely on the press? To make sure everything is going as it should? There is a heavy responsibility on the shoulder of the press to make sure they are doing their job to a tee.
Here is why they are important in the long-run.
1) Ensure Fairness
What if a politician continues to make a mockery of the system and does as he/she pleases? What will happen to the nation then? What will people be able to do against it if they don’t even know it is happening?
This is why corruption tends to get unraveled rapidly in America because the press is on top of their game in this regard.
They make sure the right questions are asked, and they ensure the person has to answer them as soon as possible, or they start hounding them.
This is why the press is good and has a role.
2) Update Society In General
Society is always looking towards what is going on in the country, and it is not easy to keep up on your own. Most people will miss out on certain pieces, and they will get swept aside.
This is bad because it impacts fairness as mentioned above, but it also means certain news pieces are being swept under the rug.
It is best to have the press remain relevant as that is going to ensure the press does not remain aloof. This is a way for everyone to understand what is happening locally and nationally at all times.
The press will always be important whether it is CNN or Fox News. They have a role to play, and they are doing it to the best of their ability. The press has to make sure the right questions are being asked because the average citizen might not be able to. The goal is to cultivate an environment where people who are in critical positions know it is best to answer the questions rather than hoping no one notices.
This is why the press is front and center in America just like it is in other places.

Do Women Have A Role In American Politics Today?

The role of women in American politics had existed since before women even had the right to vote. Indeed, a few particularly determined women overcame a lot of hurdles to be elected to political office, sometimes even reaching the federal level, while they were unable to vote in any election. The Temperance Movement proved to be a turning point, followed by the Suffrage Movement that finally granted women the fundamental right of voting all adult American citizens are entitled to. While there is lots of work to be done in regards to the rights of women across the world, even in the United States, the fact is things have improved over the past century.

Hillary Clinton a Woman In American Politics.Women in American politics today are now a dominant demographic that can make or break a politician's career, whether they're male or female themselves. Appealing to women voters is something that some political figures do better than others, but all of them must at some point learn how to do so if they wish to win a political office, let alone maintain one. Conversely, while “female voters” are an important demographic, the fact is that women hold the same diversity of political beliefs as men with the same level of passion and determination, making laying down any hard and fast rules about what they want difficult at best. A politician may not need to make a lot of concessions based on what women voters want, but a politician who seems to be going out of their way to intimidate, demean or otherwise make themselves to distasteful to female voters is not long for the political scene.

Women's opinions of political discourse do run the gamut, and even issues specific to women such as reproductive rights and equal pay do not always unify women voters behind specific candidates or issues. This was most famously demonstrated by the failed passage of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1980s and serves as an object lesson that generalizations about any political demographic can be quite problematic for politicians who craft their platforms without considering nuances and individuality inside of demographics.

Women in the world of American politics are also making an impact on the system by running for and winning political offices. Elizabeth Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, has been making considerable waves in left-wing political circles since her election in 2012, with some even speculating that she could make a run for the presidency though Warren herself has denied any interest in the office. Shelly Moore Capito has been a subject of some discussing in right-wing political circles as well, particularly for her votes on bills intended to benefit children and veterans. Hillary Clinton and her (current as of this writing) 2016 run for the presidency is perhaps the most prominent woman in American politics these days, but beyond her high profile campaign, there are millions of women in the United States ready, willing and able to do their duty as citizens by exercising their right to vote.

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