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Hunger for Death Row: Lucasville Five prisoners on hunger strike seeking death row status

The state of Ohio says the men were calculating, cold leaders of convict “death squads”, responsible for the deaths of numerous prisoners and Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections (ODRC) officer Robert Vallandingham during the Lucasville prison standoff of 1993– one of the longest and most brutal in the nation’s history.

Members of the “Five”– and numerous witnesses– say the men acted as peacekeepers who negotiated a resolution to the ten-day standoff and suppressed further violence at the hands of more “hardline” prisoner factions.

Nevertheless, Hasan, Robb, Lamar and Were (who is diabetic) have set aside their assertions of innocence for the purpose of the ongoing hunger strike (though they have by no means abandoned their ongoing legal appeals) and are demanding only that they be allowed contact with family, access to legal resources, that they be allowed access to the media, and other basic items– such as cold weather clothing– afforded to other death row prisoners.

Article accompanied by a recorded statement issued by Siddique Abdullah Hasan to DBA Press from Ohio’s Death Row. Continue reading

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