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DBA Press theme, “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power (Don’t Mean You Got The Right).” Song by Motorhead, used with the kind permission of Lemmy Kilmister

DBA Press is an online news publication and source materials archive that delivers in-depth reporting on private and public sector corruption.   

In addition to providing you with the most thorough muckraking under the sun, we also provide the source materials behind each story.

Whether that source material be lobby reports, campaign finance reports, court documents, information gained through public records requests, or receipts we found in the bottom of a dumpster, we are committed to archiving and publishing it so that you, our readers, can see just exactly what it is these dirty bastards are up to.

By “dirty bastards” we are referring primarily to corrupt public officials and those who seek to corrupt them (or feed their appetites for corruption)– and usurp what remains of our democratic system in the process.

In our experience, dirty bastards can be found in their greatest concentrations wherever there are large sums of money to be made by the private sector off the backs and taxes of the public. Therefore, you will find much of our reporting concentrates on private defense (and related industries), the private corrections/prison industry, as well as on the lobbying industry and the special interest influences exerted through it on all branches of government.

While we refer to the class of individuals we write about as being “dirty bastards,” have no fear; in this day of talking heads and an over-inflated value in punditry, we hold absolutely no value in editorialization. As some very wise person once said: “opinions are like assholes…”

This “About” page and the opinions voiced herein is the only instance you will ever find of an editorial opinion expressed in DBA Press (though there are exceptions to every rule). The rest is just cold, hard fact– with the source documentation provided to back it up.


Herbert Harper

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